What to do if stopped?

December 1st, 2023

What to do when you are stopped…

I’ve had several conversations about what it takes not to get a ticket when you are pulled over. It depends on the circumstances, but common sense goes a long way. Follow my grandmother’s golden rule and kill them with kindness. 

I suggest you do these five things if you want to get a warning and not a ticket. If an officer pulls up behind you, you should turn on your traffic signal first. That will show the officer you are pulling over and begin to ease his tension. The second thing you should try to do is move away from traffic. Moving as far away from oncoming traffic will give the officer peace of mind when he comes to your window to talk to you. The officer does not want to have to look over his shoulder at oncoming traffic, and he will appreciate that. The third thing you should do is ensure your keys are out of the ignition and your vehicle is turned off so the officer knows you are not trying to flee. Fourth, leave your hands on your steering wheel so the officer can always view them. This way, he will feel safer and not feel like you are trying to do something shady. Don’t reach into your pocket or dig through your console. Lastly, be polite. He is just doing his job; respect will go a long way. 

While there is no guarantee following these steps will result in a warning, they will go a long way in helping you down the road should you receive a citation. The officer will note your demeanor, attitude, and how you conducted yourself during the stop for the district attorney to review in court. I have used that positive attitude for a reduction in the citation to a non-moving offense and obtain a reduction in fines and fees. 

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