Sex Offenses

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Facing a sex offense generally causes complete upheaval in a person’s life. There are two major battles they face, the stigmatism of being charged with a sex crime as well as the criminal preceding required to defend yourself. The social stigmatisms of a sex crime often lead to family trauma and emotional discourse that will last a life time. Additionally, there are often issues at work and with friends, whether you are guilty or not. The mere accusation can turn your life upside down. There are several types of sex offenses in Louisiana, including:

Sexual assault: rape, date rape, statutory rape

Sexual abuse: child molestation, child abuse, child prostitution, carnal knowledge, incest.

Solicitation and prostitution.

Internet sex crimes: Internet pornography, child pornography, downloading or sharing pornography, selling or distributing pornography, soliciting sex from a child or on the Internet.

Violations of sex offender regulations and sex offender registration

If you are convicted of a sex crime you run the risk of incarceration as well as sex offender registration when you are released, which can last a lifetime. This registration includes notifying neighbors, your information being maintained in a sex offender database, and the registration restricts where you can live.
Those who have never been in this situation often fail to consider that there are several reasons indivduals may find themselves facing an accusation of a sex crime. This claim often arises as a result of a bitter divorce or child custody battle using the accusation as leverage. The claims also arise from work disagreements or family jealousy and bitterness. It is critical that you aggressively investigate the motives behind the accusation and make sure they are properly presented to law enforcement. It is imperative to point out the baseless nature of these claims.

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