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Most violations of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Law are classified as felonies under Louisiana law, except for possession of marijuana, first and second offense, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The law is continually changing and the list of drugs classified as controlled dangerous substances is growing. The reality is a conviction of a drug crime, a violation of the Louisiana Controlled Dangerous Substance law, has serious consequences. A conviction of most of these offenses will result in a felony conviction on your record. If a felony is on your record there are limitations on your rights. Additionally, a conviction of a drug crime can lead to the loss of eligibility for student loans or other educational financial aid.  With the help of a criminal defense attorney experienced in navigating the nuances of the criminal procedure, many first-time offenders can escape a drug conviction by utilizing programs, where available, to focus on rehabilitation and prevention.  Even when a conviction cannot be avoided, in many cases an attorney may be able to expunge a drug arrest and conviction upon the successful completion of a drug court program or probation if the sentence is appropriately deferred.  In order to take advantage of these provisions of the law, your case must be properly handled at the time of the plea and sentencing.

Another consequence of an arrest of a drug crime is your property may be subject to forfeiture.  Louisiana Revised Statute 40:2601 et seq., established a civil system which outlines the specific procedures that allows the State of Louisiana to seize and have forfeited property that is related to, is a proceed from, facilitates, or is itself a violation of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.  These civil forfeiture proceedings are very complex.  The deadlines for the State of Louisiana and the property owner are short and cannot be extended, and the consequences for not properly meeting these deadlines will result in the loss of seized property.  Accordingly, if you have been accused of a drug or narcotics related crime, it is imperative that you have competent representation at all stages of the proceeding.

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