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Youthful Offenders

Domestic Abuse Battery



Fireworks December 13th, 2022For many families, one holiday tradition more sacred than Santa is celebrating with fireworks. First, however, we need...

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What is homicide November 21st, 2022What is homicide Louisiana law defines homicide as the killing of a human being. Homicide is a hot topic in...

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Arson in Louisiana

Miranda Warnings

What is Negligent Homicide?

Arrested? Live out of state?

Contractor Fraud in Louisiana defined

Talking to the police during the investigation

Prostitution in Louisiana

Traffic Tickets

Crimes of Violence
What is manslaughter
Is Everyone entitled to Bail?
How the Court determines Bail

Malfeasance in Office

Setting Bond in Louisiana

Consent to Search a Vehicle

Statute of Limitations

Sex Offender Registration

Force or Violence

New Year / Expungement

Marijuana on the Christmas List?
Does Having An Attorney Really Matter?

Drug Arrest on Interstate 20

Deep Dive: 4th Amendment

Child Pornography, what you need to know in Louisiana

Deep Dive: 5th Amendment



DWI August 24th, 2021Blue light flashing in my rearviewThe sheriff said, boy I should have know it was you…I am not necessarily a music fan however...

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Louisiana possesion of marijuana

Deep Dive: The 2nd Amendment

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