I was charged with distribution SCH3 2 counts and SCHEDULE 4 2 counts | was unable to bond out so I spent 92 days only in parish jail, he was able to negotiate 3 of them down to one, I went home that day and only did 2 years paper which I was off in 10 months early...


I just wanted to say mr.larry is an awesome person he works hard for you and your loved ones to get you out ty everyone for the help -T.D.

H.A.W.K -Hustle All We Know

The guy you need in your corner Like he said Orange is not your color When he said don’t worry …don’t worryThanks, Larrion L. Hillman -H.A.W.K -Hustle All We Know.


Positive: Value Larrion L. Hillman is simply awesome thank you Sir for everything. -B.H.