What if I have questions when the case is closed?

June 1, 2021

One humbling reality for me is the vast majority of the relationships I form with my clients continue. I hear from them from time to time, a check-in letting me know their struggles and how they’re overcoming their issues. I celebrate their successes. I sympathize with and redirect them through failures.  Many people continue to battle addictions and poor decision making long after the case is closed. I always tell them to call me if they think they’re about to act stupid. I’ll tell them why they should stop! These relationships provide me a unique perspective and enable me to guide clients and make a positive impact on their lives as they progress through recovery from addictions. My heightened sensitivity to their struggles, as well as the guidance that experience has taught, enable me and our office to be the best legal defense firm around. And for that, we are proud.

Always remember, no matter what, keep calm, and call Hillman.

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