Crimes of Violence

August 8th, 2022

What is a crime of violence?

Louisiana law specifically designates certain crimes as crimes of violence. The designation is on
the type of offense and what can arise from that offense. There must be an element of threatened
use of physical force against a person or their property to be a crime of violence. Violent crimes
include offenses involving the possession or use of a dangerous weapon.

The following are designated crimes of violence:

1. Solicitation for murder
2. First Degree murder
3. Second-degree murder
4. Manslaughter
5. Aggravated battery
6. Second-degree battery
7. Aggravated assault
8. Aggravated or first-degree rape
9. Forcible or second-degree rape
10. Simple or third-degree rape
11. Sexual battery
12. Second-degree sexual battery
13. Intentional exposure to AIDS virus
14. Aggravated kidnapping
15. Second-degree kidnapping
16. Simple kidnapping
17. Aggravated arson
18. Aggravated criminal damage to property
19. Aggravated burglary
20. Armed robbery
21. First-degree robbery
22. Simple robbery
23. Purse snatching
24. False imprisonment; offender armed with a dangerous weapon
25. Assault by drive-by shooting
26. Aggravated crime against nature
27. Carjacking
28. Terrorism
29. Aggravated second-degree battery
30. Aggravated assault upon a peace officer
31. Aggravated assault with a firearm
32. Armed robbery; use of a firearm, additional penalties
33. Second degree robbery
34. Disarming a peace office
35. Stalking
36. Second-degree cruelty to juveniles
37. Aggravated flight from an officer
38. Battery on a police officer
39. Trafficking of children for sexual purposes

40. Human trafficking
41. Home invasion
42. Domestic abuse, aggravated assault
43. Vehicular homicide, when the operator BAC is over 0.20
44. Aggravated assault upon a dating partner
45. Domestic abuse battery, under some provisions of the statute
46. Battery of a dating partner, under some provision of the statute
47. Violation of a protective order if the violation involves a battery or any crime of violence as
defined by this subsection against the person for whose benefit the protective order is in effect
48. Criminal abortion
49. First-degree feticide
50. Second-degree feticide
51. Third-degree feticide
52. Aggravated criminal abortion by dismemberment
Any attempt of these statutes still constitutes a crime of violence.
Why does it matter
If arrested, my clients want to know the designation as a crime of violence because it determines
the percentage of time served if convicted or revoked on parole. Unfortunately, the department of
corrections also increases the time served based on previous crimes of violence, which could
ultimately lead to a client doing the entire sentence.
Keep in mind the laws and interpretations are continually changing. The above references laws
in effect as of 2022. As rulings come down from different courts and jurisdictions, these rules are
apt to change.
If you or someone you know has a question about what constitutes a crime of violence or how it
will impact your sentence and wants to discuss the process, do not hesitate to contact the law
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